Be sure to stop by the Parish Center for a few minutes after Mass this weekend! Connection Sunday is the chance to sign up for Vacation Bible School, meet the Parish Reps, find out more about Child Care, or send a copy of Faith magazine to a friend, and much more…Saturday there are cookies and coffee. Sunday, well it’s doughnut Sunday, so stop by and enjoy because that day they are free! (Unless you are taking a dozen home, then the usual price applies).***************************First Communion is this weekend! 4 pm on Saturday at St. Joseph, and 2 pm on Sunday at St. John. We welcome all of our parish to Come and See.*************And finally, this weekend we will have new baskets for the collection. Why? In keeping with our commitment to supporting marriage and families, we want to make it easier for families to participate in helping at Mass. Getting children involved in the liturgy will help us to grow adults that are involved. It should eventually be quicker, but may not be at first, so please be patient. (And the children part will start first at Mass at noon and 5 while we iron out the kinks.)