If you or anybody you know in the parish are interested in a CPR/First Aid class, please call the office at (517) 784-0553 and enter extension 7002. The cost will be $45, and the class will be held in the parish center once we determine if there is sufficient interest. If you know of a middle or high school person, or a teacher, for example, let them know. We can wait until school is out and schedule it during on a weekday if that fits everyone’s needs.

Our new telephone system is operational! This system leaves behind telephone poles and uses the internet to place the calls. It is more flexible. Our staff will be able to check messages off-site, set their cell phone to ring when their office phone rings, and a number of other cool things that will help us to better serve the needs of our parishioners. On top of all that, it will save us more than $1200.00 per year on our telephone bill.

We have another telephone on order that should arrive Wednesday that will have an extension designated for emergencies where a priest is needed quickly. We will communicate that extension when the phone arrives. If you have that kind of emergency after hours in the next few days, call (517) 358-4473. If you have to leave a message on that number, please speak clearly what the need is and how to reach you.