Saturday, July 16th is the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.+++Our Lady appeared to Simon Stock, the Father General of the Carmelite Order, on July 16, 1251.+++Our Lady gave St. Simon a scapular for the Carmelites with the following promise, saying : “Receive, My beloved son, this habit of thy order: this shall be to thee and to all Carmelites a privilege, that whosoever dies clothed in this shall never suffer eternal fire … It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger, and a pledge of peace.+++In its small form, it is widely popular within the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church as a religious article and has probably served as the prototype of all the other devotional scapulars.+++Many popes and saints have strongly recommended wearing, the Brown Scapular to the Catholic Faithful, including St. Robert Bellarmine, Pope John XXII, Pope Pius Xl, and Pope Benedict XV.+++Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pray for Us!