+++IMPORTANT UPDATES…about events and Masses for our Parish from 11/18 until 12/9.+++Masses will continue as they have been with our 120-person limit, mask requirement, and social distancing.+++All live meetings and events–such as RCIA, Bible study groups, Movement Toward Christ, etc.–will be moved to Zoom or canceled. Please check the parish calendar, ask the event organizer, or call the parish office if you’re unsure of the status of your group/event.+++Reminder for those receiving a SVDP Thanksgiving basket, distribution is 11/23 from 9am-12pm.+++See our website for more updates related to the new mandates: https://saintjohnjackson.org/coronavirus-updates-our-parish-family-response-updates-cancellations-and-more/ +++Stay hopeful, stay healthy, stay warm!+++