Calling ALL Seniors!

Parish Life is thriving at St. John, and this month we have a few invitations to highlight for our SENIORS, both those who graduated many years ago and those who will graduate soon this year as the Class of 2023!  Let me explain…

 Calling All Dynamic Senior Catholics…

In January, Todd Gale and I offered a potluck and discussion time for a group of some of our longtime parishioners who had expressed interest in opportunities especially for those who are considered “in their senior years.”  Todd and I laughed, realizing we now possibly fall in that category as we both recently turned 55!  I’m not sure what age officially qualifies you as a “senior”; I think it depends if a restaurant wants to lure you with discounted or free coffee!  At any rate, it was a productive meeting, and from it has sprung the formation of two new groups: a grief group (underway) and Grandly groups (coming up).


Parishioner Cathy McAllister has started a “grief group” that currently meets monthly.  It is open to men and women who have lost someone either recently or any number of years ago.  The next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 17th, at 1 p.m. here at the St. John Parish Center. Newcomers are very welcome!  Come and check it out!  The Lord longs to minister to you through the fellowship of others, and the group had a lovely gathering in April!


Do you have grandchildren?  Do you long for them to know Christ, or know him more fully?  “Grandly equips grandparents to pass on their faith to their grandchildren.”  It is all about “strategic” grandparenting and interceding for your grandchildren more intentionally, no matter what their age!  Learn tips, share with other grandparents, pray together…it all starts on Thursday, May 18th at 1 p.m. here at St. John.  We’ll begin a 5-week run that showcases the Grandly video series and gets you into conversation with other grandparents.  The cost is only $30 and is open to all our local parishes.  Please call our office if you’d like to participate! (517-784-0553)

Want to be added to our list of upcoming events?

I email our “seniors” monthly to inform them of upcoming events of possible interest, and the basis of our Dynamic Senior Catholics group is the very concept behind Matthew Kelly’s “dynamic Catholic”: prayer, study, generosity, and evangelization, and how we can support each other in these.  If you’d like to be added to the email list to receive these updates, please let me know!  (This is separate from the weekly parish e-news.)

CALLING all CLASS of 2023 Seniors…

As has been our tradition, we want to invite our senior (class of 2023) grads to a Mass with a light reception to follow in their honor!  We’d love to celebrate with you on Sunday, June 4 at the noon Mass with reception to follow for you and your family!  Please RSVP by calling our office by May 31st.  Thank you…and congrats!

Blessed be Jesus forever!