25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 9/24/23


When it comes to the Worker in the Vineyard parable, we need to understand the Lord’s mercy doesn’t work on proportions; he gives us the full wage at all steps of our journey. It’s not about justice…God’s salvation is about the Father’s generosity! Fr. Brian’s Homily:  

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 9/17/23

“When we forgive, it’s our heart that gets healed…” Plus, our school’s 150th anniversary declaration and  Catechesis of the Good Shepherd kick-off info! Fr. Chas’ Homily:

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, 8/27/23


Peter is called by a new name and has a new responsibility; he is not capable of fulfilling his responsibilities, and yet Jesus calls him by a new name because he needs to prepare him to take on the responsibility he’s been given. Jesus does this with us, too, so that we use our personal … Continued