Our Ministries

At St. John’s we strive to be faithful to fill out Christ’s Great Commission, “Go out and make disciples.” We aim to be devoted to the formation of our disciples through our youth Religious Education programs, through our Sacramental Prep programs, and with many ongoing educational opportunities.

Religious Education

Our Religious Education program starts Sept. 22nd and is offered for children Pre-K to 8th grade. Boasting a vibrant and fun gathered assembly, our program meets every weekand sets learning objectives for students to memorize certain Catholic prayers, Mass responses and basics of the faith. This year, we will be moving to a Family Catechesis model where families are able to encounter the Lord together. Songs, games, activities, lots of laughs, practical prayers and interaction make the gathered time a hit with both the kids and the parents. Students then break off into their grade level classes while parents stay behind for deeper formation and learn more about how to teach their kids in the faith.

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Discipleship Groups

Our discipleship groups are designed to help individuals grow in their faith in community. Encounter the Lord and discover the truths of scriptures alongside those in your community.

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Alpha is a place for seekers and those who have questions about their walk with Christ. If you are interested in learning about who is Jesus, why is Faith important, and our place in this world, this community is for you!

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Bible Studies

Join us every week for one of our bible studies. We delve deep into the Word, looking at the texts and drawing upon the reflections of the Saints and other commentaries to discover the Truth.

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Becoming Catholic

Interested in the Church or a returning Catholic after a time of being away? Come discover more about our faith in our RCIA/Catholicism 101 program. Come with questions. Come to learn more about what a relationship with Jesus is all about.

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Marriage is intended to form a lifelong family-building covenant between a man and a woman.  A marital covenant is a bond between the husband, wife, and God that, once established, cannot be broken by any human means.   However, for a variety of reasons, it is possible to enter into a legal marriage without forming the sacramental covenant as intended by God and the Church has a procedure to investigate if this is the situation.  When this process is entered into by a person, they are often said to be seeking an annulment.  If you have been divorced and would like more information about the nullity process, please contact Angel Koerkel at:  angel@saintjohnjackson.org

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Middle/High School Youth Group

Youth have so much potential to give to our communities and the world. Our ministry focuses on how to practically live out the Catholic Church’s teaching and encourages youth to be the saint that the Lord is calling them to be right now. Our Life Teen nights and Edge mornings are for youth of all ages.

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Quick Contact



Todd Gale

Director of Faith Formation

Phone: 517-784-0553

Email: todd@saintjohnjackson.org



Angel Koerkel

Coordinator of Sacramental Preparation

Phone: 517-784-0553

Email: angel@saintjohnjackson.org





Clare DeWitt

Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Faith Formation

Phone: 517-784-0553

Email: clare@saintjohnjackson.org




Shayne Slough

Director of Parish Life

Phone: 517-784-0553

Email: shayne@saintjohnjackson.org