“Confession isn’t a place where I acknowledge sin has beat me, but that I’m letting Jesus win.”   ~ Father Mike Schmitz

Reconciliation is a place where the soul can find freedom and healing from sin.  Through the grace of this sacrament, we find the strength to break the chains that bind us and the sin that can so easily entangles us. (Heb. 21:1)

Participating in Reconciliation at St. John the Evangelist

If you aren’t sure why you should come to Reconciliation, watch this short video:  Fr. Mike on Confession

God desires to pour out His mercy on all of His children in this sacrament, even his adult ones!  To help your family better celebrate and receive His grace, you’ll find here a packet of review information for celebrating Reconciliation. 

Examination of Conscience for adults

Examination of Conscience for kids

Act of Contrition

First Reconciliation

We celebrate First Reconciliation before children receive their first Holy Communion, typically at “the age of reason” which is around seven years old, or 2nd grade.  We do not automatically assume all 2nd graders will seek Confession. If your family has a child wanting to prepare for First Reconciliation, please contact someone from our Faith Formation Department to set up a short Check-In meeting. We want to see a desire for the Sacrament, and will assume your family attends Sunday Mass regularly! Preparation will include regular Sunday Mass attendance, enrollment at St. John Elementary School or Sunday Faith Formation with a seven-week special session. First Reconciliations will be scheduled one-family-at-a-time with Fr. Chas.

For more information or to schedule your Check-In, please contact:

Coordinator of Sacramental Preparation: Angel Koerkel  angel@saintjohnjackson.org

Director of Faith Formation: Todd Gale  todd@saintjohnjackson.org

Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation:  Valentina Piotrzkowski  valentina@saintjohnjackson.org

Reconciliation Hours

Reconciliation is offered at St. John every Saturday at 3:00 p.m. or by appointment.

Contact the office to schedule a confession with a priest at 517-784-0553.

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