“Confession isn’t a place where I acknowledge sin has beat me, but that I’m letting Jesus win.”   ~ Father Mike Schmitz

Reconciliation is a place where the soul can find freedom and healing from sin.  Through the grace of this sacrament, we find the strength to break the chains that bind us and the sin that can so easily entangles us. (Heb. 21:1)

Participating in Reconciliation at St. John the Evangelist

We encourage individuals who want to participate in confession to do an Examination of Conscience.  This helps prepare you to make a good confession with a priest.

Examination of Conscience for adults

Examination of Conscience for kids

Act of Contrition

First Reconciliation

We celebrate First Reconciliation in 2nd grade before children receive their first Holy Communion.  Please contact Clare DeWitt, for more information.

Reconciliation Hours

Reconciliation is offered at St. John every Saturday at 3:00 p.m. or by appointment.

Contact the office to schedule a confession with a priest at 517-784-0553.

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