Welcome to Alpha…a place to ask life’s biggest questions.

Alpha is an international success, bringing people together over great food to discuss their faith journey after watching some top-notch videos and hearing heart-touching stories of how people have encountered Jesus. It has deeply impacted our RCIA process at St. John and the faith of many, many dozens of our parishioners.

Alpha is 8 evenings of growing with the Lord and building friendships with a dinner, video, discussion format…It’s a great way to Grow+Go! Anyone can attend Alpha, as it provides the opportunity to grow in your own faith AND to go invite and accompany others in a closer relationship with Christ. We cover topics like “Who is Jesus?” and “Why and How Should I Pray?”

The Alpha program has been described this way by Fr. Mike Schmitz, “Alpha is one of the best things happening in the Church today!”


Our next season of Alpha will begin when some of the restrictions due to Covid have lightened.  Register for FREE today! 

We look forward to the return of Alpha (TBD)… who will you invite to journey with you? Click to register today.

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What an Alpha Night Looks Like…


 There’s always a meal. We believe that food and drink bring people together and create a special form of fellowship. Alpha always provides a meal so that your heart and body are being fed during the program.


A Talk

Following the time of fellowship, we have one of our parishioners share about the night’s topic and then typically a 30 minute video is played to delve deeper.



Then we break into small groups to discuss. These are no pressure spaces. No one has to talk or say anything. However, in our experience, this is a time where great community is formed and friendships begin to develop. Small group members come to learn that they are not alone in their journey toward answers and usually come to find the answer within other’s stories. It’s an opportunity to discuss the night’s topic in an open, friendly, non-judgmental environment.