“This is life, and we must face it in this way, with the courage of living it together.  Married life is beautiful, and must be protected.”   ~ Pope Francis

Marriage is a calling we receive from the Lord and a gift from God from the very beginning of creation.  Jesus elevated marriage to a sacrament in order that the good of spouses and the upbringing of children might be filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit and oriented toward salvation.

Celebrating Matrimony at St. John the Evangelist

Marriage preparation at St. John consists of several components designed to help you and your future spouse grow together and understand the Church’s teachings on marriage more fully so that you are both ready to enter into a Total, Free, Faithful, and Fruitful covenantal marriage on your wedding day.  These steps include:

  • Attending God’s Joy-Filled Marriage Retreat
  • Meeting with one of our priests for a personal conversation
  • Completion of a Natural Family Planning course
  • A WE CARE weekend
  • Completing FOCCUS inventory

Take a look at our Marriage Guidelines for more information.

To prepare for marriage at St. John’s, please contact Angel Koerkel or call the office to make an initial appointment at least 9 months before your intended wedding date.