History of Diocesan Assembly

On September 22nd, 2018 over 14,000 Catholics from the Diocese of Lansing gathered at the Breslin Center in Lansing, MI to answer the call to be formed as missionary disciples. From the Eucharistic procession that spanned over two miles long, inspiring talks from  amazing speakers like Fr. Mike Schmitz and Jennifer Fulweiler, to ending with Mass with Bishop Boyea, it was truly an historic event.

We want to continue to keep this momentum right here within our parish family and keep offering opportunities so that everyone – those who were able to attend the assembly or not – can learn more about what it means to be a missionary disciple. This is why our parish family is dedicating this year to prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide our efforts and show us how to be the Lord’s hands and feet here in Jackson, MI.

Becoming Dynamic Catholics

One way we are growing together as a community of missionary disciples is by studying the 4 Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, written by world renowned speaker and author Matthew Kelly. After each chapter we host a gathering with follow up talks and testimonies, resources and fellowship to make sure no one is journeying alone!

Click below to listen to our most recent talks

  • Our Introduction to the Signs of a Dynamic Catholic with talks from Todd Gale and Joseph and Crystal Gruber.

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  • First Sign of a Dynamic Catholic: Prayer Listen to Shayne Slough, Fr. Chas, Joseph Gruber and more speak on the importance of prayer!

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  • Listen to our talk on the Second Sign of a Dynamic Catholic: Study. Hear from Todd Gale, Joseph and Crystal Gruber, Angel Koerkel, and more to learn how studying your faith is an essential part of growing as a missionary disciple.

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Click to go to our St. John the Evangelist Home page on Formed.org! There is great content to continue to inspire you and your family to grow in your faith.

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More Ways to Grow as a Dynamic Catholic

Looking for more resources for you and your loved ones to encounter the Lord? Click below and visit some of our many opportunities to grow in your faith!

RCIA/Catholicism 101
Bible Studies