History of St. John’s

Since laying the cornerstone in 1856, over 160 years ago, St. John the Evangelist Parish has been known for its faith-filled parishioners. Many have sacrificed greatly to build our remarkable legacy. Visionary leadership and early parishioners laid a foundation for the spiritual as well as physical growth of our parish by originating a tradition of community, openness and volunteerism that continues to flourish. The first fourteen families came before the city was even founded and the church is the oldest church building in the Diocese of Lansing still in use.

In 2010, by decree of Bishop Boyea, St. Joseph Parish became an oratory of St. John the Evangelist Parish. In the years since, our parishes have worked to merge our respective heritage and parish families.

Membership has grown from 14 to over 2000 families. Even though we have seen many changes, St. John the Evangelist Parish remains a source of spiritual strength and community. As we go forth and continue to grow and celebrate our legacy, we do so trusting in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Our church is made up of human beings, but it is more than that. It is the Body of Christ. We are grateful for over 160 years of enjoying God’s blessings as one family.