St. John Parish Representatives:  Cultivating Community and Fostering Faith

Our Parish Representative model is designed to provide contact points for our parishioners within their neighborhood.  Parish Reps are to be welcoming agents that connect with new and long-time parishioners in their area in order to assist the pastor by coordinating smaller communities within the larger St. John/St. Joseph community.

We divided Jackson County and beyond into twelve regions from which our parishioners come to join together as a church family, as the Body of Christ.  Within each of these twelve areas, we plan to have six representatives based on age group who will then help cultivate community and foster faith in their area.

Currently, we have 12 “Lead Reps” in place, many of whom have gone through training from the Evangelical Catholic called “Reach More,” and have started small groups within their neighborhoods for purposes of Bible studies, book groups, prayer groups, etc.

Please find a description of our “areas” below along with email contact information for that area’s lead rep.  Feel free to reach out to him or her with any questions or ideas you may have.

Interested in getting involved?  We are working to round out our Parish Rep team with more members; we currently have just over 50 of the needed 72 reps.  Or if being a rep is not something to which you feel called, watch for a small group to begin in your area sometime in the Fall of 2018.

Contact Shayne Slough at the Parish Office for more information.

Click here to see the Parish Rep in your area!