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Continuing Education: Study

For many careers today, continuing education goes without saying.  Those in countless professions are expected to consistently learn more about their chosen career every year.  As technology advances, methodologies move ahead, and general understanding of the dynamics of a job increases, employers not only expect but mandate that their employees grow in knowledge.  And it’s … Continued

Who Will You Invite?

Our parish is now launching its 9th large group session of Alpha!  We started back in 2015, and in these past four years, many of you have taken part, helping out, enjoying the fellowship of the event, but more importantly learning more about Christ and, in doing so, drawing closer in relationship with Him. Initially, … Continued

From the Messy Desk of the Youth Minister

These past few weeks, our high school youth group has been looking at the way our Lord reveals himself through Scripture and our own relationship with Scripture. It’s not only been helpful to go through as a group, but it’s been helpful to me personally. I love words. In college I studied journalism because I … Continued