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Faith, Family, & Friendship at St. John Elementary School

A letter from St. John Elementary School parent, Kelli Piepkow… “Teach me knowledge and good judgement, for I trust your commands.” Psalm 119:66 The school year has begun! I know for a lot of parents – myself included – there is a bittersweet mix of sadness at saying goodbye to the lazy days and the … Continued

Hey, Can I Pray for You?

From our Parish FOCUS Missionary, Joseph Gruber… Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to a retreat hosted by the John Paul II Healing Center. Its founder, Bob Schuchts, is the author of the book Be Healed, which is part autobiography and part introduction to some of the ways that God can bring healing … Continued

Day of Equipping

As Fr. Chas mentioned in last week’s bulletin article, we will be making available many opportunities to “empower our parishioners to be agents of Jesus’ healing ministry.”  Right here at St. John we are offering Gamma, Ablaze, and a “Day of Equipping.”  Here’s more about the upcoming Day of Equipping…Do you desire to be equipped … Continued

Jesus Wants Your Help in Healing His People!

From our Pastor, Fr. Chas Canoy… Dear Parish Family, When Jesus began his public ministry, he entered the synagogue in Nazareth, took the scroll of the prophet Isaiah, and proclaimed a passage from it that would be fulfilled by the promised Messiah:  The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me … Continued

What is an Antiphon?

From our Director of Music Ministry, Dominic Kryst… You have probably noticed that we have been chanting the Entrance and Communion Antiphons at each Mass. At some Masses during Communion, we have been singing the antiphon in its entirety, including the psalm verses, before singing the Communion Hymn. But why are we doing this? The … Continued