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First Reconciliation Pictures

The rest of our second graders received the sacrament of Reconciliation on January 23. 2018. Thank you all the teachers, parents, priest, and faith formation team members who made this a memorable night for the children and their families.   Photo Credit: Sarah DeLuca  

“Reach More” to “Come and See”

   Dear Fellow Parishioners,   God uses us when we make ourselves available to Him.  I believe many of us are in a habit of attending Mass once a week.  What a beautiful time that is to spend with God through the Eucharist!  However, that is not where it ends for the week.  I was … Continued

Come & See Ministry Event!

Have you felt called to get involved at St. John Parish but not sure where to start? Curious to see the different ministries that we offer as a Parish family? This weekend, come and see! Join us after Masses on Saturday, Feb. 3 and Sunday, Feb. 4 for our Come and See Ministry Event.  Enjoy fellowship and free … Continued

From the Messy Desk of the Youth Minister…

Dear Parish Family,   As part of our parish family, I think it’s especially important to update my “family members” on what is happening in the lives of the teens of the parish. Nothing gives me more joy than to walk in faith with the youth of the parish, and I want to spread that … Continued

Bible Study Growing Strong!

Our Tuesday Bible study continues to grow as we wrap up a year-long walk through the Gospel of St. Luke and begin the Book of Acts. The Acts of the Apostles is the sequel letter St. Luke, the doctor, wrote to follow-up his Gospel. We will walk slowly through this beautiful and important text, sentence-by-sentence. … Continued