In the course of time Abel brought one of the best first-lings of his flock to the Lord.  The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering.   ~ Genesis 4:3a, 4

Giving as an Act of Worship

The call to tithe — to give a tenth of our blessings back to the Lord — is a practice that begins with Abraham in the Book of Genesis, and even before him in the offering of Abel the Just.  The act of giving a portion of one's earnings to the Lord is a form of worship.  For all that we have received, we are also called to respond in gratitude.
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Witness to Hope at St. John's!

Our Witness to Hope Campaign is well underway, and we are looking for full participation from our parish families.  Have you submitted your pledge to help keep St. John's thriving for the next generation?  Be a part of your parish's future!
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Ways to Give

Giving is not simply confined to monetary means. Tithing is a spiritual discipline and can be practiced in other areas of our lives, including time, talent, and treasure. Is there some area that you are called to give more than before?
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