In the course of time Abel brought one of the best first-lings of his flock to the Lord.  The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering.   ~ Genesis 4:3a, 4

Giving as an Act of Worship

The call to tithe — to give a tenth of our blessings back to the Lord — is a practice that begins with Abraham in the Book of Genesis, and even before him in the offering of Abel the Just.  The act of giving a portion of one’s earnings to the Lord is a form of worship.  For all that we have received, we are also called to respond in gratitude.
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We encourage you to consider giving in the following ways… 

  • Make your tithing easier by signing up through online giving! As you pray about how the Lord might want to ask you to give, this is a great time to switch to our easy online format.

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  • DSA supports our Catholic Charities of Jackson County and the other four Catholic Charities agencies in our diocese. Click below to make a pledge to help the Catholic community in our areas!

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  • Participate in the "5-4-1" Generosity Challenge today! Click below to pledge your weekly or annual tithing amount to help our parish grow and thrive.

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State of the Parish: How to Keep a Good Thing Going

Click to listen to or read Fr. Chas’ message about the great things happening at St. John’s and how to continue on in our mission. Hear about the “5-4-1” Generosity Challenge and learn how we can all take part in helping our parish thrive.
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Participate in the “5-4-1” Plan at St. John Parish!

Together we can help our parish family thrive as we partner with one another in ministry through our time, talent, and treasure. Consider how you might be able to give and participate in our Generosity Challenge. This “5-4-1” plan gives a simple breakdown of where to give and invest our resources.


  • 5 % to our weekly offertory to continue to help our Parish family continue to grow and thrive.
  • 4% annually to charities and causes that you are passionate about!
  • 1% to our Diocesan Services Appeal


In this Generosity Challenge, we hope to help our parishioners increase their giving and partner with us in ministry.

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