Faith Formation 2020-21 Annual Report Summary

FIRST RECONCILIATION and FIRST EUCHARIST: We met with every family for a “check-in” interview; Fr. Chas scheduled separate, private Confession times with the families; First Holy Eucharist was celebrated with families choosing between the various Sunday Masses in May; we had 52 students combined celebrate from the School and Religious Education.

CONFIRMATION: Bishop Boyea celebrated with 26 St. John Candidates in the Fall of 2020, and for the Fall of 2021 we have 15 students being prepared .

BAPTISM: Meetings with parents resulted in 54 child & infant baptisms.

WEDDING PREPARATION: This year 6 weddings were celebrated and at least 5 more couples are in process.

RCIA: At the Easter Vigil we had 5 Catechumens (adults not yet baptized) and 10 Candidates. There were also 2 adult seniors who received emergency Sacraments (how beautiful!). 17 total.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Having students enrolled in 13 different school districts, we made the tough decision to not hold any live Religious Education classes due to the pandemic quarantines. We sent materials from the Archdiocese of Detroit’s 52 SUNDAYS; we offered 2 seven-week ZOOM Meetings for parents; sent many links. The participation was very low but those who did participate were very engaged.

YOUTH MINISTRY: SUNDAY NIGHT YOUTH GROUP using LIFETEEN curriculum; CAMPUS MINISTRY at LUMEN CHRISTI; BIBLE STUDIES for High School and Middle School teens; VIRTUAL MEETINGS during our Covid time; many PERSONAL CONNECTIONS in person, through social media, and ZOOM.

FOCUS MISSIONARY: Joseph Gruber led the charge for a huge remote SEEK National Conference with St. John’s having over 100 people in attendance; discipling over two dozen men; hosting several weekly meetings; podcasting; participating with Staff; and impacting the mission of the parish!

SMALL GROUPS: Five-part gathering on Fridays of Lent for Leaders. Last year we had 19 active Small Groups and Quads with almost exactly 100 individuals. This is a decline in activity from the previous year (Covid related), but signs of a rebound!

ADULT OPPORTUNITIES: Tuesday CATHOLIC COMMUNITY SCRIPTURE STUDY, CATHOLICISM 101 on Wednesdays, Thursday WOMEN’S DISCIPLESHIP GROUP, and GAMMA GROUP on some Sundays. All continued with ZOOM, YouTube videos and live as appropriate.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION AND PASTORAL ACCOMPANIMENT: Ever increasingly, we find ourselves walking alongside parishioners with prayer ministry, pastoral accompaniment, and formal Spiritual Direction.

We thank YOU, our parishioners, so, so much for your participation, your eager hearts, and for providing for our care so we can care for you and for others!!

Todd Gale,

Director of Faith Formation