I am delighted to be able to pass along a word of thanks that was received by our Christian Service Committee.

Each year the committee (among many other things!) organizes our Christmas Giving Tree. This annual project, in which so many of our parishioners participate, is a tangible way for our local area to feel the love of Christ, through us.

From the Parish Office: Thank you members of the Christian Service Committee for all your hard work, and thank you to all of our parishioners that picked up a “tag” from the Christmas Giving Tree.

Below you’ll see the note and certificate that was presented to the committee and they wanted to pass it along to you. Thank you for your generosity!

St. John Parish Members:

For many years, during the busiest time of the year, the members of St. Johns Parish have worked together to make Christmas a special day for our clients. During a time when many youth face yet another letdown, you gave them a holiday. Gifts, hygiene items, food and snacks benefited so many of the youth Do’chas works with. In addition, we received enough food tiems to provide snack bags throughout the year to some of our neediest kids.

We are grateful that you chose Do’chas and “our kids” to help. Your generosity has made a big impact on their lives. This award is a small token of our appreciate for “Caring a Whole Awful Lot” This phrase by Dr. Seuss, is from the Lorax and has been our agency motto. We know it takes a community that “Cares a Whole Awful Lot” to make things better. Thanks for all you have done to help the Do’chas clients.