Matt Howe’s Challenge – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Pictured here is Pastoral Council member, Matt Howe, his wife, Jean, and their first child, Annie. Matt is a math teacher at Northwest High School, and he is a Parish Representative for the young adults of his Northwest area. Dear Fellow Parishioners, Hello! My name is Matt Howe, and I a member of the Pastoral … Continued

Men’s Basketball Night

Men’s Basketball Night   The Men’s Basketball Night was to officially start this past Monday, but we had a bit of a misfire when a group that normally uses the gym on another night, and therefore has a key, decided to show up without letting anyone know.  We have spoken with them, and they have … Continued

“The Time Is Now” – A Letter from Parishioners Tim & Susie Powers

Below you’ll find a testimony from long-time parishioners (Tim is a 5th generation St. John member) and Parish Representatives, Tim & Susie Powers. Tim was a former Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus, and Susie has been one of the pillars of our Children’s Liturgy of the Word that has become so popular for … Continued