Fr. Chas and the State of the Parish, 9/13/20

Dear Parish Family, St. John Parish is Pandemic-Proof!  Thanks to YOU, the faithful parishioners of the Mother Church of Jackson!  We concluded the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 by not only surviving, but allowing the difficult times to test our mettle, which unfortunately was not the case for many parishes throughout the country.  Your … Continued

From the desk of Todd Gale, Director of Faith Formation

FALL FAITH FORMATION:  DIFFERENT TIMES, DIFFERENT APPROACHES One of our favorite weekly events is the Catholicism 101 sessions, which also serve as the introduction to Catholicism for those who want to become Catholic (RCIA; the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). Due to the safety regulations with the pandemic, we will be offering in-person classes … Continued

From the desk of Dcn. Mike McCormick

Suffering Suffering is a strange title for a bulletin article, but it’s the theme of today’s gospel, and it certainly applies to most of our lives today. Jesus is on His way to Jerusalem to complete His mission on this earth. He tells the apostles that He will suffer and die at the hands of … Continued

From the desk of Clare Dewitt, Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation

The month of August is one of my personal favorites– when you look at this month, the calendar is peppered with feast days of brilliant saints: St. John Vianney, (Aug. 4) who is the patron of priests and it was said that the Devil himself once said that if there were 3 more priests like … Continued