From the Desk of Renee Hornby, Principal, 1/29/23

Catholic Schools Week Catholic Schools Week this year has a special meaning for me.  I love being here at St. John Parish and School.  It’s been a blessing to be a part of this community. Those blessings have been especially abundant these last few weeks.  On Christmas day, one of the teachers ran up to … Continued

From the Desk of Joseph Gruber, Parish FOCUS Missionary – 1/22/23

Farewell, But Not Goodbye!  Greetings, St John the Evangelist parish! I want to start by thanking Fr. Chas and the whole parish for bringing myself and my family here to serve as missionaries in the parish!  Five years ago, my wife Crystal and I started the adventure of being parish missionaries here in Jackson!  After … Continued

From the Desk of Shayne Slough, Director of Parish Life

SEEK23… Focus.  It’s typical at the beginning of each year that we desire and plan for some sort of refocus, a look at where we’ve been in the past year, an analysis of how we’ve been doing, and what we’d like to tweak moving forward.  I was blessed to have a week at this year’s … Continued

From the Desk of Todd Gale, Discipleship Coordinator & Spiritual Director

THE WISE GUYS, THE STAR, AND THE STUDY Matthew is the only Gospel writer that tells us about the Magi. These travelers were called wise men, which in the ancient Greek is MAGOI. They were the doctors, scientists, and prophets of their time. Well-studied men interested in dreams, astrology, magic, apothecary, and medicine. They were … Continued