What’s Your Story?

Joseph Gruber: 10/4/20 “What’s your story?” is a question I often ask other people. I love stories—I studied English literature in college, and one of the reasons I love studying the Bible with people now is my love for good narratives. And we all have stories—we all began, did something, and have at least ended … Continued

From the desk of Clare Dewitt, Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation

The month of August is one of my personal favorites– when you look at this month, the calendar is peppered with feast days of brilliant saints: St. John Vianney, (Aug. 4) who is the patron of priests and it was said that the Devil himself once said that if there were 3 more priests like … Continued

On Blessedness

From our Parish FOCUS Missionary, Joseph Gruber… It’s been a bit of a year, Jackson family! And it’s not over yet! Between a pandemic, protests, and a presidential election year, some might say it’s hard to live out a blessed life under these circumstances. But if we look at what Jesus says about a blessed … Continued

The Pearl of Great Price

From the desk of Deacon Dave Etters… Recently, there was a meme circulating on social media – a desert scene where a man was looking up to a towering genie hovering above a lamp. “Ask of me three wishes and I will grant them,” promised the genie.  “Make me rich!” the man replied.  The genie … Continued

To Hear the Spirit; Shema the Ruah

From our Director of Faith Formation, Todd Gale… Trying to maneuver through the news stories of our unsettling recent weeks takes some skill. There is a tsunami of information coming at us, wave after wave. If we do not use the OFF button, we could easily drown in information! Everyone has an opinion, it seems, … Continued