From the Desk of Kathryn Fisher, Administrative Assistant – 3/19/23

In the Desert As I was preparing the parish display cabinet for Lent titled “In the Desert,” my mind wondered to all the physical deserts of the United States that I have lived near or visited.  They all have their own special beauty, like the Mojave and the Sonoran deserts of the Southwest.  These two … Continued

From the Desk of Dcn. Dave Etters, 3/12/23

“Now I Begin!” Say then with boldness, “Now I begin,” and go forward constantly in God’s service. Do not lookback so often, because one who looks back cannot run. And do not be content to begin only forthis year. Begin every day, because it is for every day, even for every hour of the day, … Continued

From the Desk of Fr. Chas Canoy, Pastor

Dear Parish Family, An important component to our Lenten journey is reflecting upon the stewardship of all with which we have been blessed.  I am so pleased and proud of your response in these last two months after our parish’s Sunday offertory was behind budget approaching this last Christmas.  You recognized the need, and your … Continued