From the Desk of Deacon Dave Etters

Insufficiently Adequate In today’s Gospel reading, we have St. John’s account of the feeding of the 5,000. You might be wondering why, in Year B (Gospel of Mark), we look to John’s account when Mark records this miracle as well. I will tell you…I don’t know. But, what I do know is this mountain scene … Continued

From the Desk of Todd Gale, Director of Faith Formation

Faith Formation 2020-21 Annual Report Summary • FIRST RECONCILIATION and FIRST EUCHARIST: We met with every family for a “check-in” interview; Fr. Chas scheduled separate, private Confession times with the families; First Holy Eucharist was celebrated with families choosing between the various Sunday Masses in May; we had 52 students combined celebrate from the School … Continued

From the Desk of John Richards, Director of Parish Operations

As Fr. Chas mentioned last week, we continue with our Witness to Hope projects. New windows are currently being installed at St. John Elementary School in the north wing. We are about halfway through the project and look to have all of the windows completed by the end of July. The windows improve the school’s … Continued

From the Desk of Fr. Brian

True Freedom On this Sunday as we celebrate the independence of our country, we share insights (from Fr. Brian’s Pentecost Praise & Prayer event homily) into the type of healing the Lord longs to provide in order that we experience “true” freedom…a freedom from certain things that weigh or slow us down, not allowing us … Continued

From the Desk of Clare Dewitt, Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation

Dear St. John family, I know many of you are big fans of the TV series, “The Chosen”, which is all about the ministry of Jesus and His followers. If you have not started watching it, I highly recommend it! It has become a favorite of mine and something that I routinely liked to show … Continued