We want to support our Parish family with encouragement, connection, and resources that you can access right at home! While we are on a meeting hiatus, these are great way to stay plugged in and not miss out on all the wonderful opportunities that St. John has to offer. Keep checking on this page as we continue to add more content!

Here is a great video from Fr. Mike that talks about ways for us to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic


Faith Formation Team PODCAST on Romans 12:2

Click here to listen to the Faith Formation team discuss and study the verse from Romans 12:2, “Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Retreat with the Lord with this Stay at Home Retreat by our Faith Formation Team

Here is a link to a One Hour STAY AT HOME RETREAT video that our team put together.


You can find the Metanoia study here:  https://wildgoose.tv/  where you can register for a free account to view the full series.  The handouts are available as pdfs on their website as well, or you can go here to get them:  Metanoia handouts

Bible Study Resources:

If you are interested in a reflection from last weekend’s Raising of Lazarus, here is a link to a short video we did for the RCIA folks, that gives a good outline of how we do a basic “Bible study”.

Catholic Community Scripture Study (Tuesdays): Includes past studies and the current look at St Paul’s Letter to the Romans

To be added to the regular email list for this study, contact Todd Gale at: todd@saintjohnjackson.org

Women’s Discipleship Group (Thursdays):

Handouts for the current study of the Gospel of Mark (using the video series “Lectio: Mark” found on FORMED.org and some past studies:

“Lectio: Prayer” (also on FORMED.ORG)

“Into His Likeness” by Edward Sri (book study)

“Wild Goose” (FORMED.org)

Song of Songs” (independent Scripture study)

To be added to the regular email list for this group, contact Angel Koerkel at: angel@saintjohnjackson.org

RCIA/Catholicism 101 Resources:

The Precepts of the Church

2nd Scrutiny: reflection and prayers




Great for Everyone!

For Sunday reading reflection: https://watch.formed.org/opening-the-word 

To better understand Holy Week: https://watch.formed.org/holy-week-by-dr-brandt-pitre 

Videos, audio, books, & movies for everyone, all free: https://watch.formed.org/browse

Youth Ministry Resources: 

ProjectYM Live – a live Youth Night with 1000+ parishes from across the country! Check back here for the link to join us on Sunday evening, March 22nd,  at 8 p.m. 

Lenten Small Group Guide (you can use it for individual use or join a Virtual Small Group by registering HERE

Follow us on Instagram @sjeyouthministry_ for more updates, encouragement and more!

Reflection on this Sunday’s readings by LifeTeen— a great way to give God worship on Sunday while Masses are suspended. 

Religious Education Resources:


To watch with your kids:

Great Catholic Videos for Kids  

Presence For First Eucharist Families and RCIA  

Mr Gale’s Lego Catholic Prayers


Great for Parents:

Marriage and Family Workshop, part one, hosted by Joseph & Crystal Gruber

Fr. Mike Schmitz Videos on YouTube

Symbolon the catholic faith explained  

Alpha Series Preview Videos  

St John Sunday Mass HOMILIES  

Fr Joe Krupp HILARIOUS Q & A Page  

Busted Halo Great Website  

Study of ROMANS with Todd Gale 

Theology of the Body:

Websites – 






https://youtu.be/B9rmXFG10fc (Fr. Mike Schmitz)

https://youtu.be/MGW7zxIbVIw (on Catholic social justice & charity – not specifically TOB, but I bet you’ll see the relationship between them!)

https://watch.formed.org/symbolon-the-catholic-faith-explained/season:2 (Catholic social teaching episodes & “A Love that Lasts”)

Books – 

Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body (JPII)*

Theology of the Body Explained: A Commentary on John Paul II’s Man and Woman He Created Them (Christopher West)*

These Beautiful Bones: An Everyday Theology of the Body (Emily Stimpson)

Men and Women Are From Eden: A Study Guide to John Paul II’s Theology of the Body (Mary Healy)

Love and Responsibility (John Paul II)

Good News About Sex & Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching (Christopher West)

Men, Women and the Mystery of Love: Practical Insights from John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility (Edward Sri)

At the Heart of the Gospel: Reclaiming the Body for the New Evangelization (Christopher West)

*these books are not beginner level, but offer the most complete look at the St. John Paul II writings collectively known as Theology of the Body