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Our first sessions of Called & Gifted have been very well attended, with well over 60 people taking the “Gifts Inventory” to start the process of discerning which charisms God has given them. A charism is a gift, a grace, a skill, a supernatural talent that God gives to each baptized member of the Body of Christ. We all have a call, a purpose… but sometimes we aren’t aware of what that call may be. Sometimes we don’t even realize the gifts or abilities that God has given us; they may be quietly dormant just waiting to spring to life! The Called & Gifted process helps us to discern what those charisms may be. The content flows from the Vatican II documents (especially Lumen Gentium), Called & Gifted is richly Catholic in the way it looks at the role of the laity: to be the light of Christ in the world and bring people to Jesus and the Church!