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It has become a cliché: “God does not call the gifted, He gifts the called.” In His plan for the Church, the body of Christ, God has created each of us for a purpose. He has given us special charisms (spiritual gifts) for that purpose. Charisms are special abilities given by the Holy Spirit to be a channel of God’s goodness for other people. Whether extraordinary or ordinary, all charisms ought to be exercised in the service of God (Catechism #2003).  The Catechism (#951) says that all the baptized are given charisms. St. Paul tells us that the body of Christ is made up of many parts and we have many roles. Some of us are gifted as administrators and organizers, some are called to hospitality and service, some are teachers or evangelizers, others are musicians or artists. What is your particular gift, your charism? Once we find that special giftedness, it helps to make clear where we fit in; what is our role and place in the Church?

We will be offering the second Called & Gifted workshop for the Jackson region during the RCIA and Catholicism 101 class times, Wednesdays 6:30-8:30. The Called & Gifted Discernment Process has been used since 1993 by almost 100,000 people throughout the world. This will serve as part of the RCIA period of Mystagogy; the time where the newest members of our Catholic family “unpack the mysteries” of the Faith and enter fully into the community. It will run the four Wednesdays of April and is open to anyone who would like to attend.

We are asking for a $10 donation, if you are able, to cover the workbook fee for the Charism inventory, from the Catherine of Siena Institute. But if that is a hardship, do not let it stop you from attending!