33 Days Poster summer 2017

Almost 100 people have made consecrations to Jesus through his Blessed Mother Mary; asking Mary to lead us to her son. Stacey Phelps is offering this terrific retreat opportunity again this summer, on Sundays after the Noon Mass. Join us for Fr. Michael Gaitley’s 33 Days to Morning Glory. Using a terrific book (the same title), video presentations, small group discussions and prayer, you can learn so much about Mary’s role in our spiritual walk with her Holy Son. Drawing from St. Pope John Paul II, St. Teresa of Calcutta and others, Fr. Gaitley takes us through some deep Marian theology with ease and charm. This will greatly impact your prayer life!

Join us starting Sunday June 11 at 1:30 in the Meeting Room of St. John Parish Center. Please let us know if you plan to attend by contacting Diane Manor at the Parish office: diane@stjohnjackson.org.