Please pray for our energetic and holy 2nd graders as they celebrate their First Holy Eucharist with Lord Jesus this weekend! We will have two celebrations, one on Saturday afternoon at St. Joseph Oratory and the other Sunday afternoon at St. John Church. If you know any of our little friends or their families, please congratulate them on this special day:

1st Euch LogoJoseph Aldrich, Madison Allen, Andrew Anderson, Bryce Behncke, Peyton Best, Maden Brady, Marissa Carreon, Faith Copeland, Sierra Copeland, Tierra Copeland, Brady Crawford, Brooklyn Daly, Danielle Delaney, Alex Delor, Lauren Doser, Jackson Fossitt, Christian Hall, Serenity Johnson, Ashlyn Knoebel, Matthew Knoebel, Brandon Kulka, Kennedy Laura, Lily Layne, Lincoln Levy, Collin Ludwig, Ethan Mann, Nevaeh Martin, Griffin Martin, Katelyn Milbourne, Joseph Mills, Sullivan Mohlman, Delanie Monica, Joseph Morgan, Christian Nedziwe, Annie O’Dowd, Thomas O’Neil, Eva Overmyer, Ryan Patterson, Selena Rodriguez, Connor Schauer, Chase Schirmacher, Kellie Stevens, Kiernan Terry, Nicholas Trudell, Daniel Walter, Ella Wilcox, Ashley Willett and Wyatt Wowianko.