Some of our Candidates and Elect at the Rite of Election.


2016 Rite of Election


Back row: Sarah Copeland, Ed Bell, Adrian Tovar (sponsor), and David Salyer.

Middle Row: Christine Devine, John Glover, Tricia Glover, Melissa Copeland, Kristen Hawks, Candy Copeland, Dana Snider, Kaitlin Pontius, Sierra Smith, Jared Bulson, and Lilly Miller

Front Row standing: Josephine Orosco, Alannah Martin, and Jordon Duffey.

Seated: Todd Gale and Bishop Earl Boyea.

Not pictured: Lineas Baze, Steven Bartels, Janet Brooker, Robert Brooker, Rich Chaffee, Loretta Herron, Tanya Isom, Jenni Lott, Kelly Newton, Sarah Orlosky, Cameron Roebuck, and Degen Roebuck.