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This weekend, April 24 is OUR LAST CLASS for the year. What an awesome, busy, emotional, fast-paced year this has been! In the weeks ahead I will send out a detailed evaluation from this year, using much of your feedback, input and suggestions. We will also soon announce some summer opportunities to regather the kids on a few Sundays; a day or more of Vacation Bible School; summer service projects for older students; and something I am very excited about: the adults who have been meeting ASKED TO CONTINUE over the summer with some sort of an adult Sunday “Summer School!” Plans are in the works and we will let you know soon!!

The regional Confirmation Retreat last weekend was… well… How do we describe it? We had an extraordinary weekend; the Holy Spirit moved in a tremendous way! It was really quite amazing. To see some of the student’s comments, take a look at the article we have posted:

Please pray next weekend for the First Communicants… First Eucharist Practice: Thursday evening April 28, 5:30 at St. Joseph or 6:30 at St. John. First Eucharist Masses will be held Saturday, April 30, 4:00 at St. Joseph or Sunday, May 1, 2:00 at St. John.

Please be sure to thank the amazing catechists and aids that have made this year so enriching; most especially a thank you goes to Ann Marie Raehtz who got everything started and/or closed down for these last few months on Sunday mornings. Whew!

  • Pre-School & Kindergarten  Charlene Miller, Stacey Phelps, Nancy Tylutki, Bradley Hutchinson
  • 1st Grade  Amy Brafford & Jessica Covill
  • 2nd Grade    Kathy Tarnowski & Shawn VanHeyningen
  • 3rd Grade  Terry Whitesall & Jared Bulson
  • 4th Grade  Kathy Jones
  • 5th Grade & 6th Grade   Cyndi & David Dupuis
  • 7th Grade   Hannah Stevens (with occasional help from Jamie Atallah & Tom Stroup)
  • 8th Grade   Jeromy Alexander
  • Adult Study  Lucas Sponsler
  • RCIA for Children  Judy Christian
  • Aids / Helpers:   Ann Marie Raehtz, Candy Copeland

Have a safe and HOLY late spring and summer. Remember to attend Mass!!! We will have registration and information about next year publicized much earlier than we did this year (sorry!), with on-line registration options AND a mailing to each family who was registered this year. Thank you for making religious education a priority for your family!