Over a year ago we moved a long-time Scripture study from Queens to St. John Parish and have seen the group grow tremendously! We have studied 1 & 2 Corinthians, the Gospel of Mark, the Song of Songs and just recently completed Ephesians. Our next study will begin after a short break for Christmas. Starting Tuesday, January 10, we will do a seven week overview of the entire Bible! Covering roughly 10 of the 73 books each week, we will look at the major themes, characters, authors, and see the larger “salvation story”. We will look at some of the most beautiful and important passages in each of those books as we do “an airplane view” of the whole Sacred Scripture.


CCSS 7wkOVERVIEWThis is IDEAL for the person who has been intimidated by the idea of studying the Bible, or is not familiar with how to maneuver the daunting pages of the Word. It will be geared for those who are just beginning in Bible study and also for those who have been deep in Scripture for years; this should prove to be a great overview, “connecting the dots” of the big picture.


Bring your Bibles, we will have plenty on hand if you don’t have one. Hand-outs and explanations will be provided. We will record and post the audio podcasts of this series on our parish website, along with the hand-outs if you cannot attend or miss a session.


Starting January 10, join us for the Seven Week Walk Thru The Bible!