Fr. ChasDear Parish Family,

The diocese just announced that our dear Fr. Kurian will become the Administrator at St. Joseph in Adrian as of July 1.  As many of you know, Fr. Kurian is part of the religious order, Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (M.S.F.S.), and was planning on returning to his home province of East Africa. The Bishop, however, has given him another assignment as his superiors have asked him to continue his ministry in the diocese of Lansing.

We sadly have only two and a half months of “Fr. K” here in Jackson, so let’s enjoy his presence while we have him!  As you probably saw in last week’s bulletin, we will have a new parochial vicar at the end of June, the soon-to-be Fr. Brian Lenz, who currently resides at the North American College in Rome as he completes his seminary studies.  You can find out more about his time there through his blog:

5:45 p.m. Mass
We had our final 5:45 p.m. last weekend.  It naturally is very disappointing to those who for years regularly attended that Mass.  I hope that everyone read the original bulletin article (March 20th) explaining the decision.  In addition, a parishioner requested that we print the attendance figures that were presented at the Worship Commission and used to come to that decision.  You’ll find them in this bulletin (page 9).

I realize such decisions may not always be popular with everyone.  Some of them, like this one, may require sacrifice from certain individuals for the common good of the whole parish.  There fortunately are six other Mass times from which to choose, and I am confident that our parishioners’ love for our church is deeper than any one specific Mass time.

Family Time
Last week, I was able to visit some family who live in California.  We caught up and reminisced on old times while basking in the San Diego sunshine and drinking wine, celebrated daily Mass and a 60th birthday in the family, played golf and watched a little of the Masters, went 0 to 60 in four seconds, enjoyed my adorable 6-month-old niece, and ate a lot of delicious Filipino food!  

Subbing for my Masses here were Fr. Ryan Ford and Fr. Dan Nusbaum.  From what I’ve heard from you, they did not disappoint.  A few of you asked me more about them.  I know both priests through my time at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.  Fr. Ryan is from the U.P. in the Diocese of Marquette who was a seminarian when I was serving on the faculty at the seminary.  As I remembered him to be such a wonderful and bright young man, I am happy to see that the seminary now has him on the faculty while he gets his S.T.L. degree.  The great storyteller, Fr. Dan, retired from teaching at the seminary a couple of years ago.  He is now living in the Jackson area, so you may see him again when I visit Dad in Missouri on the first anniversary of my mother’s passing in May.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Chas