Keep Fighting Like Heaven for Christ our King!

Dear Parish Family,

Quite a few of you came up to me to express your dismay at the election results, particularly regarding the outcome of Proposal 3.  We have come to a point in our cherished state of Michigan that the people freely have chosen to have enshrined in our constitution the killing of preborn children up to the very day of birth and to have our tax dollars subsidize those crimes against humanity.  We have come to a point in our state where the government has stripped parents of their right to know about, much less consent to, their adolescent children choosing to undergo dangerous procedures such as sterilization, abortion, and gender transition.  And the list of deadly implications go on and on, as the amendment itself purports to invalidate any laws that would conflict with it.

And yet, we lose none of our hope!  No evil can extinguish true hope, which rests in our desire for and expectation of our everlasting blessedness and glory of eternal life and union with God!  Assured of the ultimate victory won by Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, we remain steadfast in our resolve for a better society.  Recall from last Sunday’s Gospel that Jesus forewarned us that all kinds of strife and division (wars, insurrection, plagues, persecution, etc.) will come before that ultimate victory is completely fulfilled, but do not be afraid of any of it!  Christ has overcome the world!  Justice will come, but this is the time of mercy where humanity is given the grace of knowing the futility of choosing an existence without God.

As people of goodwill come to that realization, Christ has called his beloved people, the Church, to be a light amidst the darkness, so that in their search, they will know where to turn to be led to the Way, the Truth, and the Life that God offers to them in Christ Jesus.  Consequently, the task at hand, the task that is yours and mine, is the same as it has been since Jesus’ Ascension and the birth of the Church at Pentecost, to make disciples and live out the Kingdom of God here and now as the Church!  In the arms of Jesus Christ, humanity will find healing, hope, happiness, and salvation!  That has been God’s plan all along, and make no doubt about it, God will bring to completion the good work he has begun!  The only question is, “Will you be a part of that glorious work of subversion, that is, subverting the powers of darkness and evil that has no chance whatsoever against Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe!

Fighting Like Heaven through the Domestic Church 

While today we may weep, tomorrow we continue to fight like heaven for a civilization of love that respects the dignity of all human life!  This begins at home with the renewal of marriage and the family.  That is why our parish’s thematic goal is the building up of our core, particularly the domestic church, which is the family.  In our pastoral and evangelization efforts, we simply do not want to invest in the youth, but empower and equip the parents and grandparents themselves in their charge to be missionary disciples and the primary educators of the faith for their children.  This is the reason for the changes you see in the position of the Director of Family Discipleship and in our approach to catechesis.  We’re delighted to see more young families recently attending our liturgies and family discipleship gatherings. 

Finally, in finding new and creative ways for our faithful to invest in their marriage and family, I invite those with the vocation of marriage to give your marriage a boost and join me on the 2023 Good News Cruise!  A Royal Caribbean cruise on one of the largest cruise ships in the world, the Oasis-class “Harmony of the Seas,” is a great way to motivate your spouse who perhaps may not be as dedicated in their relationship with God and his Church and expose him or her to inspiring Catholic personalities such as Chris Stefanik, Teresa Tomeo, Curtis Martin, and my fellow brother priests, Fr. John Riccardo and Fr. Joe Krupp, all of whom will touch on how our faith can strengthen our families and thus our society!  

If you do not see the cabin you prefer available on the online inventory, call Corporate Travel at 888-879-6932 for additional availability.  Use promo code CHAS, and our church will receive a $200 donation.  More details can be found on  The talks and liturgies will be great “special training” on how to continue to fight like heaven!

Thy Kingdom Come!

Fr. Chas Canoy