A married couple’s primary objective is to get one another into heaven. There are many other responsibilities that come with being married, but all of them should be pointing toward this primary driver. Abby Mitch is going to get me to heaven and I, her. My wife is a big part of my faith journey as I believe all spouses should be. Abby has cared about getting me into heaven before we even began to date.

Abby and I met while working at the Michigan House of Representatives. While in different departments we would often work on projects together. Abby is fierce, sharp-witted, totally committed, generous, and kind. I admired how she always met everyone with great care and respect – no matter their station.  

We became fast friends.

Abby and I spent a lot of time traveling the state working on a web series for the chairwoman of the House Agriculture Committee, Julie Alexander. We spent hours and hours in the car together as we criss-crossed the state. I was interested in Abby at this point, but she made it clear by telling me repeatedly that she was not interested in dating me.

I know what you’re thinking, “Bill, how could you still be single in your 30s you’re such a catch!?”

I know, dear reader, I know. But I did not yet know what love, in the image of God’s love, was.

After knowing one another for a good long while, Abby asked me if I had ever considered going to a Catholic Mass. I hadn’t. The only things I really knew about Catholisim came from movies, and none of it was good. The Catholic Church makes little sense to the secular layman. Abby invited me to Mass at St. John and I said yes. Fr. Chas was giving the homily that Sunday. He preached on the unconditional love that God has for us, that He is always there, waiting to forgive us and welcome us back to His kingdom. And let me tell you it hit me right in the cry button. I had always thought of God as a disapproving parent whose love must be earned by obedience and service. I was so wrong.

And that was it. I knew I was ready to welcome God into my life and join His Church. Abby sponsored me in my Catechesis and tolerated me and my many, many questions. She always encouraged me to be the best man I can be, just the way God made me. To live in virtue and reject sin.

During my Catechesis we began to date.

On Pentecost 2020 I was baptized and confirmed into the Church. In October of 2020 I proposed and Abby said yes! August 14 of 2021 we were married. Our daughter, Lucy Jo, was born on Memorial Day of 2022.

I’ve only been a part of the Church for less than three years, but I barely remember life before it. Looking back it seems like such a waste. So much investment into frivolous pursuits of fulfillment from jobs, friends, and material goods. Similarly, I don’t remember much of my life before Abby and I were married. The time before seems like an aimless dream of wasted time. 

I am so thankful that I have a spouse that is committed to the sacrament of marriage. Abby’s focus on helping me be in communion with God pushes me to do the same for her. I think on this World Marriage Day that all of us should take a moment to think about how we can better help our spouse get into heaven.