Greetings, Saint John Parish!

Why might you want to spend 5 days with me in St. Louis this January 2 nd through 6 th ? Well,
besides the obvious reasons that my wife and I enjoy your company and would be delighted to
spend time with you, a big reason is that January 2nd through 6th is when the annual SEEK
conference is happening!

What is SEEK? I’ve always had trouble describing it: some of the best Catholic speakers are
there, and there’s daily Mass with thousands of people and hundreds of priests, and great time
for prayer, and tens of thousands of college students…sort of all of those things put together in
a blender, along with quality time with your fellow Saint John parishioners.

If you want to see hope in the Church, if you want to hear truth spoken, and if you want to
potentially encounter Jesus in a new or deeper way, I’d be delighted to accompany you at SEEK
in St. Louis!

I wouldn’t recommend this unless I really thought you would get something from this. As a
general rule, I don’t like giant events, and I don’t like it when someone tells me that I need to go
to something or I need to do something. You don’t need to come to this. I’d be delighted to go
to this with you, however, and so would my wife, Crystal. We’ve been going to these events for
a long while, and we know you don’t have to come. So when you decide to register, we’ll be all
the more grateful, because we know that you didn’t have to!