St. John the Evangelist School – Where Faith and Family Meet Academic Excellence

Faith – Our Catholic faith is at the core of who we are and all we do. Daily prayer and religious instruction, weekly Mass, Sacramental preparation, virtue and character building, and monthly Adoration provide a firm spiritual foundation. Even our littlest preschool saints are involved in community outreach assistance through food, toy and monetary donations, as well as with various service projects, throughout the school year.

Family – As a faith-filled community, we partner older and younger students – preschool through 6th grade – to promote relationship, empathy and responsibility, and to strengthen our school family as a whole. The Senior Saints Grandparents Group provides a wonderful opportunity for senior members of our parish and school to be involved. Together, we help to continue the nearly 150 year tradition of St. John School.

Academic Excellence – With a goal of helping every child reach their full potential, we provide enrichment opportunities and remedial accommodations for our students. As a result, our NWEA math and reading scores show significant individual and collective gains from fall to spring, and our test scores in all areas remain well above national and local norms. This year, SJS was again awarded Evergreen Status for our Green School initiative, received recognition from the State of Michigan for our Health and Wellness Program, and earned praise for our focus on STEM activities. St. John School is grateful for its amazing priests, teachers and staff; incredible students and families; and wonderfully supportive parish family! We truly are blessed!

Please give me a call (517.784.1714) if you would like more information about our school, the Senior Saints Grandparents Group, or ways you might be able to help a family afford the cost of Catholic education for their children by becoming a Saintly Sponsor with a one-time or ongoing tax-deductible gift.


Kristi Blair

St. John Elementary School Prinicipal