Dear Fellow Parishioners,

As Fr. Chas and Fr. Brian kicked off our Lenten Season here at St. John Parish with a powerful homily series focused on Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving, I feel like I’ve understood how to enter into Lent even more fully than I have in the past. In all of it, the Lord desires our deeper relationship with Him, but we can only enter into it when we connect with prayer, deny ourselves so as to learn for what our hearts truly hunger, and give of our treasure in order to discover our true treasure…that of fully participating in the role that God has called us to in building his Kingdom here and now. The heart of the Generosity Challenge each year is to really push ourselves to consider what the Lord is asking of us, and so in these coming weeks we take it to prayer and say,

“Lord, I trust in your goodness, King of Generosity and Abundance. Teach me how you want me to respond in gratitude for my many gifts. Amen.”

—Shayne Slough

Director of Parish Life