Fr. Kurian KollapallilDon’t we feel at times that we are helpless and we cannot do anything? The disciples were in such a situation. Their problem was the huge hungry crowd almost 5000 of them, for whom they had to provide meals. They expressed their utter helplessness to Jesus. When Jesus asked them to feed the crowd, they delved into what they had and brought it before Jesus. As they entrusted to Jesus the five loaves and two fish, the disciples received enough food to feed the 5000.

In our helplessness do we seek God’s help? How do we solve our problems that are heavy burden to us? Are we ready to share what we have with others?

Jesus moved himself to a deserted place and the crowd followed him. People approached him with various needs, some on behalf of others and some for themselves. He healed them all, and after healing them, He gave them a banquet. He had shown them what they can do with His help and when they are ready to share what they have with others. Sometimes Jesus uses the least expected people to be His instruments. Jesus did not feed the crowd directly. He left that to his disciples. He still does it even in our midst. When we gather for the Eucharistic celebration, He inspires us with His word, He listens to our prayers and finally He prepares us for the meal (Holy Communion). It is not just a free meal; it is a free meal pointing us to a fullness of life sustained by a food beyond our capacity to purchase.

The Love of God shown in Jesus is so immense and infinite. St. Paul assures us that because of God’s love for us, we can conquer every hostile power. With God on our side no one can be against us since God’s love takes care of us. We are consoled that God is our support and strength. The psalmist praises God singing: “The hand of the Lord feeds us, he answers all our needs.” The miracle of the loaves assures us that He cares for us, in poverty we come to experience the abundance, in sickness we experience his healing power, in our needs, His helping hand; in our weaknesses His rejuvenating strength. When we struggle hard and feel defeated, He brings us victory. When the enemy pursues us by constant attack He watches over us, comes to our rescue hovering over us to protect us and carrying us safely supported by the wings. Let us run to His presence like the crowd.

“Everywhere we are blessed with God; but without God we are blessed nowhere.” St. Francis de Sales