All through his public ministry, Jesus says, “Peace be with you,” at mass the priest says, “Peace be with you,” and many masses end with, “This mass has ended; go in peace to love and serve the Lord through one another.”

 Peace is one of the themes of Advent as we await the birth of the Prince of Peace.  We should share the peace in our hearts with all of the people that we come into contact with, starting this week and continuing all year long.

 As we enter this last week of Advent, the last week as we prepare to celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord, we should take this time to thank God for the blessings that we have received.  We should thank God for the grace and ability to deal with the misfortunes that we have encountered.  We must always remember the reason for the season.

 In this season of joy, happiness, and expectation, it is also a season of sadness for those who have lost loved ones.  Human nature makes it hard to celebrate this season when there is a void in your heart.  Our prayers may help fill that void for them, just a little, and allow them to see that their loved ones are experiencing the peace and love of Jesus at the banquet table in heaven.

 I found this little pray that may help you in this fourth week of Advent:

Lord, I invite your peace to rule my heart.  As I end this year and reflect on the many gifts that you have given me, I let my heart be encouraged with the truth that you are a good God.  I thank you sending your Son to die for me.  I thank you for the peace that I have through you.  May my words and actions be ones that glorify you.  Amen.

 God bless you this Christmas season,

Deacon Mike