September 2022

It is with sad hearts that we announce the upcoming retirement of John Richards from our parish staff.  Coming out of retirement about 3 years ago to help with our Parish Operations, John was a God-send!  He has helped move along several major projects within our Witness to Hope improvements and Ten-Year Plan and oversee the overall day-to-day operations of our several campuses.  Working with him has been a pleasure, his contributions are appreciated, and he will be greatly missed in this role! THANK YOU, John, for your service and dedication to St. John Parish!

With this announcement, please help us spread the word that we are looking for a new Director of Parish Operations, which could be a part-time or full-time position, depending on circumstances.  A brief job description is included here; please share it with potential candidates who will have a heart for maintaining and improving our parish buildings and grounds for years to come!

JOB POSTING: St. John Parish, Director of Parish Operations

This position oversees all of the parish’s administrative operations, which includes Finance, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Policies & Procedures, and Safety & Security.  This includes the maintenance of all four of the parish’s campuses: 1) St. John Church, 2) St. John Elementary School, 3) St. Joseph Church, and 4) St. John Catholic Cemetery.  The Director of Parish Operations also manages all the major projects at these facilities.  With the Ten-Year Plan and the restoration and beautification of St. John Church, project management will comprise a substantial part of the work.  As part of the Parish Leadership Team (PLT), he or she will work to advance the parish’s vision and its mission to “make disciples” as our Lord has charged his Church.  For more information or to submit a resume and cover letter, please email Shayne Slough at