We were called to mission by our Confirmation and our parish family is in need of us to live that mission.   Mission doesn’t (necessarily) mean going door-to-door with your Catechism or traveling to a distant land to bring the Word.  Sometimes, and for most of us, mission simply means doing what we can, right where we are.  Often that means lifting others up in prayer.

Confirmation is just around the corner for our young people.  Have you been praying for the candidates of our parish?  Most of them are entering the 9th grade and if you recall your early months of high school, this can be a particularly trying time.  They are facing a whole host of challenges in both academics and social circles.  There is a battle going on for their hearts and souls and they need us to be warriors for them.

Please pray for our candidates to be open to all that the Holy Spirit has to offer them.  Please pray for their chosen saints to intercede for them, as well.  Please pray for their parents and sponsors to be actively leading them to Christ.

Confirmation video

If you would like to reconnect with your own Confirmation and what was given to you in this beautiful sacrament, feel free to login to the Formed.org website (you have that set up by now, right? If not, click here!).  Once there, choose the “Programs” tab and watch: Confirmation: the Power of the Holy Spirit .   Remember, we are all called to mission.