St. Francis Retreat pictureThe St. Francis Retreat Center, in DeWitt, is hosting a weekend-long marriage retreat July 29-31, 2016.  If you’ve not been to the retreat center before, it’s a very nice campus with private rooms that is perfect for a weekend getaway with your spouse!


The weekend will begin on Friday evening with a social hour before the first presentation.  Saturday is filled with good talks, good food, and of the opportunity to celebrate the sacraments together.  Sunday will wrap up with a final talk and some “toolbox” items.  All in all, it will be a wonderful chance to focus on your lives as husband and wife and the way God’s mercy plays out in that relationship.


Here’s some of what the brochure has to say:


Relax in the peace and beauty of the St. Francis Retreat Center. Open yourself to receive God’s grace more fully in your marriage. Deepen your knowledge of yourself, your spouse and God. Enjoy putting your spouse and your marriage first. Discover what God is calling you to do as a couple and be empowered to live that calling more fully. Celebrate your strengths as a couple. Be encouraged to live your marriage in witness of God’s love.


St. Francis Retreat logoThe full pamphlet is here to register:

 Marriage in the Year of Mercy