<strong>LUKE 01, </strong>session 1. Introduction, the prologue, Zechariah and the angel.

<strong>LUKE 02, </strong>session 2. The Annunciation.

<strong>LUKE 03, </strong>session 3. The Magnificat and Benedictus, comparing and contrasting; end of Chapter 1.

<strong>LUKE 04, </strong>session 4. The birth of Jesus, Bethlehem, the “inn”, the angels and shepherds; Chapter 2.

<strong>LUKE 05, </strong>session 5. The presentation in the temple, Simeon and Anna; Chapter 2.

<strong>LUKE 06, </strong>session 6. Jesus lost in the temple and the reintroduction of John the Baptist.

<strong>LUKE 07, </strong>session 7. The Baptism of Jesus and the Genealogy.

<strong>LUKE 08, </strong>session 8. The Temptation of Jesus, Chapter 4.

<strong>LUKE 09, </strong>session 9. The Rejection at Nazareth, Chapter 4.

<strong>LUKE 10, </strong>session 10. Chapters 4 &amp; 5. Explanation of Catholic approach to Scripture with Literal and Spiritual Senses. Healing of demoniac, healing of Peter’s mother-in-law and choosing the first disciples.

<strong>LUKE 11, </strong>session 11. Chapter 5. Jesus cleanses the leper, heals the paralytic and calls Levi.

<strong>LUKE 12, </strong>session 12. Chapters 5 &amp; 6. Fasting, the man with the withered hand and calling the Apostles.

<strong>LUKE 13, </strong>session 13. Chapter 6 the Apostles and Jesus teaching.

<strong>LUKE 14, </strong>session 14. Chapters 6 &amp; 7, teachings on judgment, parables, healing of Centurion’s servant.

<strong>LUKE 15, </strong>session 15. Chapter 7, Jesus raises widow’s son, and John the Baptist asks if Jesus is the Christ.

<strong>LUKE 16, </strong>session 16. Chapters 7 &amp; 8 anointing of Jesus, women helpers, and parable of the sower