Fr. Kurian KollapallilChrist the Lord is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia. “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins” (1 Corinthians 15: 14, 17)

Frightened, timid, huddled and were locked in a room. Even the slightest noise scared them to death. What happened to their master haunted their memories. Sleepless, deluded, fearful, anxious, guilty, ashamed, hungry, thirsty, sorrowful, and disappointed, they were immersed in their melancholic thoughts. No one was
certain what would happen to them. One of them who collected money by betraying their master hanged himself after throwing the money in the temple. Soldiers are at watch, and if they happened to recognize the followers of Jesus, surely they will be caught and will be put to death. Peter their leader, as he was trying to escape from the chaos of the town, was stopped by three people who asked him “are you not one of his disciples?” he managed to escape by lying.

Mary and Mary Magdalene, early in the morning, despite of the chill they went to pray in the tomb of the dear one who had been buried. They had spices and incense to burn at the tomb, as it was customary to visit and pray seven consecutive days at the tomb. To their surprise they found that the stone was removed and found two men in white garments who looked like angels, told them that Jesus is risen. With joy and trembling fear they ran to the secret room in which the disciples were. Knocked and knocked until one of them opened the door. Mary told them that Jesus is not there and she told all what happened. Unable to believe what the women told, they asked: “Mary, tell us the truth, what really happened, what you have seen?” “Jesus is risen He is not there” She said.

Chief priest and Pharisees
They blamed each other for not deploying enough troops to guard the tomb. One of them devised a plan to counteract the situation telling to spread a rumor among the people that the disciples of Jesus came at night and stole the body of Jesus and that story “spread among Jews to this day”(Mt. 28:15).

For us
As Pope Leo I calls, Easter is the “Feast of Feasts”. Easter is the season of life and hope. The life and hope that only the resurrected Christ can bring, and change our lives as it changed the lives of the frightened disciples. Risen Jesus brings peace to our doubtful minds, the peace that removes fear and makes us courageous people. It is the Easter faith that makes us bold enough to bear witness to the risen Jesus through our words and deeds. Jesus has promised his presence with us, to strengthen us, sustain us, to direct us and to lead us to the life that never ends. From the resurrection of Jesus “we receive an appeal to be converted to Love; we receive an invitation to live by rejecting hatred and selfishness, and to follow with docility in the footsteps of the Lamb that was slain for our salvation, to imitate the Redeemer who is “gentle and lowly in heart”, who is “rest for our souls” (Benedict XVI).

“The Word of God is clear enough, but our human minds are cloudy like bats that cannot
face the light.” ~St. Francis de Sales