We had a great first week on September 10 with our Religious Education program, and are expecting several more families to join us this weekend as we get into the routine of Sunday morning CCD, Religious Education, Sunday School. CCD is the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, which are large words saying “a group that teaches religious truth.” CCD officially began in the 1500’s in Milan, Italy. Pope Saint Pius X (1903-1914) mandated the CCD in every Catholic parish in the world. Our Diocese has used the term Religious Education for many years, and Faith Formation is more accurate as it entails more than educating the mind; it is helping to form intentional disciples! Some of our kids say Sunday School, and that’s fine also. Whatever you choose to call it, we have a GREAT team of folks who are giving up a lot of their time and energy for something they passionately believe in: sharing the Good News of Jesus with our families.

This year we will be focusing on parents, marriages and families as a parish staff; and for Religious Ed we want to emphasize the importance of attending Mass every Sunday! As Catholics, weekly Mass attendance is expected on the Sabbath, and it is so important that we teach this to our kids. But let’s not pass it on as a RULE or begrudging submission or tired obligation… let’s come to the Table of the Lord, let’s enter God’s House, with joy and an expectation to truly MEET and ENCOUNTER Jesus! Amen? We want to warmly INVITE YOU, not coldly FORCE YOU.

It’s never too late to register with our Sunday Religious Ed program! If you have any questions, please contact Todd Gale.  todd@saintjohnjackson.org