1st Euch LogoIf you have a child in second grade, either in St. John Elementary School or in the Sunday Religious Education program, welcome to a fast-paced, yet Spirit-inspired year of sacramental preparation!  We are so excited for the year ahead.  One of the greatest joys of the faith formation staff is getting to walk through Reconciliation and First Communion with your children!


There will be lots more to come in the weeks ahead, but for now you should have already received (in the school, religious education classes begin Sept 25) a form to complete for your child’s basic contact and Baptismal information.  If you have not yet completed this document or would prefer an online version, please go here: First Communion Information Sheet.  This is NOT the same as Faith Formation Registration and should be completed for each 2nd grade family, regardless if they attend the school or Sunday morning classes.


Have a great fall as your family begins to walk through this special time together!  Please let us know if we can be of assistance in helping you prepare by contacting Todd Gale (todd@stjohnjackson.org) or Angel Koerkel (angel@stjohnjackson.org) at the parish offices.