broken ring picMaybe you’ve heard a lot of chatter about annulments in the Catholic Church in the media lately.  Maybe you’ve got a friend or family member that has been going through an annulment and you want to be able to understand what they’re experiencing.  Maybe you’re divorced and have thought about getting an annulment yourself.  Whatever the reason, lots of us have questions about the annulment process and so we’ve put together a little Q&A Booklet to help answer some of the most common ones.


In addition, there is an audio discussion available on the website that speaks on what the Church teaches regarding marriage and annulment.  If you don’t already have an account there, the instructions to sign up are simple:



Go to

Type in this parish code: 0766a8

Set up your personal account.

Go to the “audio” tab

Select the talk you want to listen to!

Compliments of St. John the Evangelist


If you have more questions or would like to talk to a Procurator/Advocate at St. John’s (we have three: Angel Koerkel, Rose and Dennis), please give our office a call at: 517-784-0553.