1st Euch LogoWe will have our First Eucharist Retreat THIS SUNDAY March 13 at 2:00 in the St. John Parish Center! We will bake homemade bread to make the connection of “fruit of the vine, work of human hands”; we will practice receiving Jesus in the Church; make pew banners with the student’s names; talk about the power of Eucharist; review some learning points; pray and more.


The retreat lasts only two hours, 2-4:00. Please have at least one parent or adult with the students. When you first enter, we will double check which Mass you are signing up for and have you select pews for the First Eucharist Masses. The students and a parent can also go to the long rectangular tables to kneed some homemade bread! They will have a bread tin with their name on it, kneed the bread, put it in the tin and we’ll pop it in the oven.



Religious Education families: your students do not have to come to class Sunday, March 13, since they will be with us in the afternoon. And you may bring the altar cloth “clothing” for the “altar cloth doll” to the retreat or bring them to the next Sunday Religious Ed.