small groups TRAINING logoOne of Bishop Boyea’s primary goals is to have opportunities in all of the parishes where we encounter Jesus and then build deep friendships and faith in small groups. We plan to launch our first formal small groups just before Lent in 2018. Before we are ready to have people meeting in these warm and welcoming groups, we need to train the Leaders so that this is a rich, rewarding, repeatable experience for all! We will be training the first wave of Small Group Leaders after Labor Day, with the training lasting a few months into December. Some of our Parish Representatives will be taking on the challenge of being a part of the first wave. We are looking for a handful of other “intentional disciples” who feel called to caring for a small group, building relationships, and passing on the Faith. Those who are “perfect and holier than Jesus” need not apply! We are looking for REAL people in the REAL world who can make a difference. This is an experience you will never forget. It WILL change your life!! Interested? Up for the challenge? Contact Todd Gale at the Parish Office, or