Dear Parish Family,Fr. Chas

The Alpha Course began on Wednesday evening, October 7 with over 100 people strong!  It was beautiful to see so many of our parishioners come together to open wide our doors of hospitality for their fellow parishioners and newcomers who are exploring the big questions of life and the person of Jesus Christ.  There were many new faces, and a number of them commented how welcomed they felt.  

Alpha is for everyone in our parish!  

It is for people yet to believe in the Good News, people who are curious and need a comfortable place outside of and before R.C.I.A. (which is the formal process by which someone seeks to become a Catholic) and are at the stage of searching for more and are wondering about the meaning of life and what Christianity is all about.

It is for people who already do believe!  We all need to grow in our relationship with God and in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Even as a priest that has gone through years of theological study, it’s good to regularly go back to the basics!

It is for YOU!  Since Christ appoints each of us as members of his body to be his feet that goes out, his eyes that seek others, his hands that welcome, and his voice that invites, we need something to be able to invite and accompany our family, friends, and acquaintances to have that meaningful conversation.  Maybe you’ve talked casually or in passing about religion or the pope or the cross you have around your neck or on your table.  Those may be signs of curiosity that open the way to go deeper through an invitation to Alpha.

Can I still come to Alpha even if it’s already started?
If you are a parishioner who is hesitant about inviting someone to something you yourself have never experienced, then YES!  We will be offering Alpha again early next year, and so if you’re wanting to see what Alpha is all about and see if it is something that would be good for Joe or Susie, then come this next Wednesday, Oct. 21, or the following, Oct. 28!  Because it involves a nice sit-down dinner, we do ask that you let us know you’re coming beforehand.  Simply contact Todd Gale by calling the office or emailing him at

Now, small groups at each table have already formed among those who were at the kickoff, so you would probably be sitting in a separate table from those who have been there from the beginning.  It won’t be quite the same experience as those folks because they have been gone through a lot of deep and meaningful stuff together in just three gatherings, but at least you will have a taste, which I think will give you a sense of ease and familiarity to invite that someone you have in mind and become part of the full Alpha Course next season!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Chas