Fr. ChasDear Parish Family,

Our faith formation is ongoing and lifelong; we are called to grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord, as our eternal destiny consists precisely in this! What we value and hold dear now in our short earthly life is indicative of how we desire to spend our eternity. The pastoral staff desires to give you opportunities to grow in our eternal identities as sons and daughters of God.

Sharing Todd Gale with Queens Parish as our Director of Faith Formation has been integral in being able to fulfill that desire. As we did during the Lenten season, he and I will continue to team up and offer faith formation opportunities in these next few weeks, but instead of Friday, they will be on the Wednesday evenings of April 29, May 6, and May 13 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The general theme for the next three Wednesday evenings will be “How Does God Reveal Himself ?” and we will cover three main ways God makes himself known to us today: 1) Divine Revelation, 2) the Bible, and 3) the Holy Spirit. We will use the same popular format we did during Lent, addressing various topics of our faith and supplementing our presentations with two video clips from the Symbolon Series, a time of Q&A and discussion, and finally a time of prayerful reflection.

Thank You to an Anonymous Donor
A couple of folks have wondered about the new projectors and screens that helped the congregation know their parts during the Holy Week services. We did not spend from our parish’s general fund for them, as they were donated anonymously by people interested in our parish reaching out to the unchurched and fallen away who come and visit only during special holidays. Because folks at Mass knew what to say, the difference in participation for the Easter services was very pronounced and encouraging! Even our regular parishioners were commenting on how helpful they were and suggested that more of the Mass parts be displayed.

THANK YOU again to the generous donors. Since we now have the projection equipment, we can use them as often or as sparingly as we would like. They were very helpful for the popular night of adoration, “O Come, Let Us Worship,” allowing us to sing beautiful songs of praise not included in our hymnal. During spiritual conferences and other faith formation opportunities, the projection equipment also gives us the opportunity to use visual aids to emphasize important points. As you can see, the screens are rolled up and out of the way when not in use. Feel free to use the suggestion box on our website to let us know what ways you would like to see them utilized.

May we continue to live out of the Easter joy that Christ has won for us by his Resurrection!