clareIt’s a new year. How does time fly so fast? These past five months of serving the youth at St. John’s have been so blessed. I’ve met some of the coolest teens, gotten paid to laugh and talk about the Church, and have been surrounded by such a supportive community through this whole process.

And as I reflect on this next year, I can’t help but think there’s something that Jesus wants to do in the lives of the youth here in this church. I believe He wants to surprise them. Shake them up, rock their world, and take their breath away with just how much He loves them. Show them that the same Holy Spirit that breathed His holy breath into the hearts and souls of the 11 apostles also resides in them too. And that they are capable of so much. Much more than what our society tells them.

I’m asking for your prayers as we begin this next year and for your continued support as I continue to minister to the youth of our parish. Pray that they may hear their names when Jesus calls them, just as Mary Magdalene recognized the risen Christ before her after He spoke her name (John 20:16). Pray that they may have the courage like St. Stephen to defend their faith even before the loudest of critics (Acts 7). And pray for me as well, as we offer new opportunities for youth to invest in their relationships with Christ, that I may be faithful to where Jesus is calling us.

I’m incredibly excited to announce that one opportunity we are providing for the teens of our parish is by having a youth Mass next Sunday, January 22nd, at the 5 pm Mass. This will be a Mass by youth for youth and their families. There will be then a gathering time afterward, LifeNight, from 6:30-8:00, where there will be free food, fun, and fellowship for all High School students as well as Confirmation students. This will take place instead of youth group that night.

We will also continually be having youth group each Sunday, service projects in order to award service hours, and retreats coming up for youth of all ages. I’m excited to announce them as they draw closer.

I really believe that 2017 can be a year where our teens become even more alive in their faith, and I’m asking for your prayers and support to help make that happen. Hopefully, we all might be surprised with just how much God does in this coming year.

Blessings to you all,

Youth Faith Formation Coordinator